Kaja Haven (1989) is a Norwegian audiovisual artist based in Copenhagen.
                                                                                She works with spatial transformations through an interdisciplinary play between visual arts
                                                                                and sounds, within a universe of ‘adult pets’, voice choirs and camouflaged
                                                                                innocent constellations. Her background comes from working with large scale visual productions,
                                                                                as well as being a singer, composer and performer in the underground act ‘Superspace’ (2012 – 2018).


                                                   UPCOMING / ONGOING
FABRIKKEN, Factory of Art and Design, Copenhagen, Atelier and Production
                                                                                         CORPUS, ‘Us & Everything Else’,  ‘Shuffle Play’ The Royal Danish Ballet & Theatre, Copenhagen
                                                                                 SØRLANDSUTSTILLINGEN, 22.08 – 20.11, w. Vampire Series (NO)
                                                                                 KILDEN, Kristiansand, Posters 2021 collab with Spine Studios (CPH)
                                                                                         GODSBANEN, Aarhus, Residence w. ‘The President’

                                                                                2020   LOOP EKKO, 04.07 – 19.07, solo exhibition, Arteriet, Kristiansand (NO)
                                                                                                     ART HUB
, Copenhagen, Workdesk Residence

                                                                                           SVFK, Danish Art Workshops, Work Residence

                                                                                2019    ETERNAL FUCK YEAH, K41 Group Exhibition, Copenhagen
                                                                                           EVERYTIME, Factory Light Festival, Slemmestad
                                                                                           LASER CAT feature in DesignBoom and Hypebeast
LASER CAT, Distortion Festival, Copenhagen
                                                                                           T REX, Grandma’s Tree, Norway
                                                                                           NITE JOGGER, AIMKO, Adidas, Paris

                                                                                2018   SHY SESSIONS, Superspace feat. European Teeth EP, Self Released
                                                                                           POOL PARTY, Proposal, Palmesus Festival, Norway

POODLE, Transformation Studies, Museum of Contemporary Art, Oslo
MOUNTING BLOCKS, Landscape Project, Copenhagen
                                                                                           YOUTUBE LIVE PERFORMANCE, Rhizom Gallery, Copenhagen
                                                                   INFLATABLE FRUITS, Communal Art & Technique, Copenhagen 
                                                                                           INFINITY, Superspace Album, Self Released

                                                                                 2017   GANGSTER OF LOVE, Superspace Album, Self Released
                                                                                        CONCERTS, Kristkirken (DK), Salon : Pissoir (DK), Jolene (DK), Dome of Visions (DK),
                                                                                           Loophole (GE), Skogsus Festival (GE)
                                                                                           BIRDS, Superspace Album, Self Released
                                                                                           MALL, Proposal, Henning Larsen Fondets Music Competition, Copenhagen
                                                                                           DESTINY HOPE PAVILLION, ITU, Copenhagen

                                                                                 2016   ARTHUR RIMBAUD MA Thesis feat. in ADAN, Architectural Association of Nippon, Japan
                                                                                           WINE PAVILLION, Trailerpark Festival, Copenhagen
                                                                                           PARIS EP, Superspace EP, Disco Pinata Records
                                                                                           HOT POCKET, Tori Wrånes, Museum of Contemporary Art, Oslo
                                                                                           FOUNDATION STONE, Tori Wrånes performance, The New National Museum, Oslo
                                                                                           THE SEAL, Proposal, Chart Art Fair, Copenhagen
                                                                                           CONCERTS, LiteraturHaus (DK), Concert w. Bjørn Charles Dreyer (NO),
                                                                                           Architecture Library (DK)

                                                                                 2015   KKA EXHIBITION, Freedom Museum, Danish Art Academy’s School of Architecture, Copenhagen

                                                                                 2014   RIVERBED, Olafur Eliasson, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebæk
                                                                                           CONCERTS, Drone (DK), Westgermany (GE), Privatclub Berlin (GE), Studio Nihil Baxter (GE),
                                                                                           Wedding Squat (GE), Mindpirates (GE)
                                                                                           BABY, Ballastbrygga Mandal, Norway. Exhibition