Kaja Haven (1989) is a Norwegian audiovisual artist working within expressive landscapes as sound installations, giant pets and choir arrangements. After earning an MA from department Art & Architecture under The Royal Danish Art Academy’s School of Architecture from 2016, she has worked and collaborated with choreographers, performance artists and directors as well as with separate exhibitions, concerts and performance formats. 

Kaja’s background comes from large scale productions, from working for artists such as Studio Olafur Eliasson and Studio Tori Wrånes, for the modern dance company Corpus at the Royal Theatre and ballet Copenhagen, Kilden Theatre in Kristiansand and as a composer, singer and musician playing concerts in underground clubs with strong amounts of reverb. 


PRESS for upcoming album release Dripping in the honey of Great Snuggles: 

With a fascination for co-existing objects and beings, artist Kaja Maria Haven is investigating temporary friendships across multiple disciplines as a singer, composer and visual artist. Long-term based in Copenhagen, she has worked with sound installations, performing art compositions and exhibitions where spatial elements work as equal performers, often in the shape of singers with choir ponds sipping through rooms. 

Dripping in the honey of Great Snuggles is a self produced album under her birth name, partly recorded in isolation by Kaja in her small family summer house south of Norway. Its happened-to-be frail personality is led by windy vocal knots and passages over the acoustic invented landscape Great Snuggles, barely held together by farm animals as grassing guitars, choir and field recordings. 

Inspired by a passage in Richard Brautigan’s Trout Fishing in America, the album mirrors an observing field where things just happen and pass – such as a sudden group of black dressed companions carrying a coffin through the middle of a story before disappearing in the distance, we follow an alienated observing character stuck in a passing landscape, where elements shift between weather and soulful beings, such as in one of her lyrics ”..clouds pass and The Clouds.. ”

The album is released on the 8th of June 2023, on the celebrated Oslo-based, all-female label and music collective KOSO. 


Master’s Degree, fine art and sound art at the Art Academy in Bergen 2023 – 2025
MA Architecture – The Royal Danish Art Academy’s School of Architecture 2016
BA Architecture – The Royal Danish Art Academy’s School of Architecture 2013 

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Artist contact: kaja@koso.no • Instagram: @superspaceee
Label contact: komlava@koso.no • Label website: www.koso.no

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